Sometimes, we have everything and we are not happy; in others we don ́t have nothing and we are
Be happy not depends of what we have or what we don´t have;

The hapiness depend of how we look the world,
Maybe with a smile,
Or with a tear,
Maybe with remorse
Or perhaps, with love…

It’s not a request be a genius, to see that the humans beings are changing in every moment,
In occasions, the love flood us,
In others, the sadness is with us,
In specific moments, the pride given us moments of cheer
In occasional situations, not frequently, we are good with the life,
And the life, in its healthy, sage, and perfect condition of leader, conduct us, and know when give something…
The men, always will be impregnate, of a implacable curiosity,
Of a self love, without limits,
Of an almost not decipherable talent,
Of a inquisitor mind,
Of a radical
Of a revealing self-discover,
Of the most pure and beautiful love, that not look at end…
Wanting to change the world, that thought, of some form,
Is united at every single soul,
At every single heart,
At every single mind;
Although sometimes it’s not present, it doesn´t mean that someone lack of it,
Is immensely big and only become, when it trusts, we are prepared…

We have been looking at the world from a very realist point of view,
The fact of create and be criticized is something that never will be fixed, that is true,
But that it’s not an excuse to exclude the emotions, the ideals;
Everyone have the duty of trying to built a paradise,
So never be realized, if we lost the imagination,
We lost everything…


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