La concentración (The concentration)… [una opinión]


La concentración es un proceso cognitivo-fisiológico en donde, se realiza una fusión funcional completa de cada individuo en favor de una causa, [una idea o una acción]. La concentración presupone un acto de entrega, de todos los sentidos, de todo el pensar; presupone también un condicionamiento especial que permite hacer uso de cualquier habilidad o capacidad en un nivel máximo. La concentración, como entrega que es, no deja de ser peligrosa; es un ir y un venir, un respirar y un suspirar. Posee ciertas cualidades análogas al sueño:

1) Sentir y pensar enfocados de manera profunda en una sola idea o acción

2) El acto y proceso de entrega, en la que uno se separa de la realidad. En esencia, entonces, la concentración es el sueño de la perfección; cuerpo y mente, si es que se puede hacer una diferencia clara entre ellos, se entregan ambos completamente en la realización de algo único; algo hermoso…


The concentration is a cognitive-physiological process where, there is realized a functional complete merger of every individual in pursuit of a reason, [an idea or an action]. The concentration presupposes an act of delivery, of all the senses, of every thoughts; it presupposes also a special conditioning that allows to use any skill or capacity in a maximum level. The concentration, as delivery that is, does not stop being dangerous; it is one to go and one to come, one to breathe and one to sigh. It possesses certain analogous qualities to the dream:

1) Feelings and thoughts focused in a deep way about an alone idea or action

2) The act and process of delivery, that’s cause a  separation of the individual from reality. Could be said that the concentration is the dream of perfection; body and mind, if it’s possible to make a clear difference between both, deliver themselves completely in the accomplishment of something unique; something beautiful…


11 comentarios en “La concentración (The concentration)… [una opinión]

  1. You are welcome, you deseved it.
    But hope you are aware, that you should make a post like I did, with 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions I put forward, nominate 11 people more and write your own 11 questions for them et al. It’s like a chain letter thing. Chk out my post again, and the person who voted me, and the person who voted him, etc etc.. they all have done the same thing.

    Me gusta

  2. That’s OK, I don’t want to eliminate you. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to to. I still like your blog and shall continue to be back.
    I’ve just been very sick lately and hospitalised twice. But now am feeling better. Still on medication. Once I am better I shall continue blogging and check your blog more regularaly as well.
    You are still one of my nonminees. But you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s OK
    Take Care
    Nuwan Sen

    Me gusta

    • I wish the best to you. I was really surprised since the beginning that you liked my blog, and then, when you weren’t in here (because of the hospital and other things)… I didn’t write in days, and I said for myself: «To write, to forget». That’s the truly reason of the name of that post. Take care.


      Me gusta

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